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  • I am interested in a promotion deal listed on one of Bella Travels social media pages. How do I book?
    Email all inquiries to
  • Why use a Travel Agent?
    It's easy to fall into information overwhelm or to discover too late that the information you relied on when planning your trip is hopelessly outdated and just plain wrong. Travel professionals know better!
  • What if not every member of my group is prepared to make a deposit simultaneously?
    While roommates must pay their deposits simultaneously, that is acceptable. But keep in mind that without a deposit, all prices are subject to change.
  • Do we need to reserve our excursions in advance?
    I advise making excursion reservations two weeks prior to departure.
  • Will we receive a custom itinerary?
    Custom itineraries are only made by request at no additional charge.
  • We are celebrating a special occasion. Will there be extra deals/ perks?
    Will contact the resort to check whether they are offering anything for the unique event.
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